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White Teachers / Diverse Classrooms

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White Teachers / Diverse Classrooms

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For African Americans, school is often not a place to learn but a place of low expectations and failure.

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For African Americans, school is often not a place to learn but a place of low expectations and failure. In urban schools with concentrations of poverty, often fewer than half the ninth graders leave with a high school diploma.

Black and White teachers here provide an insightful approach to inclusive and equitable teaching and illustrate its transformative power to bring about success.

This book encourages reflection and self-examination, calls for understanding how students can achieve and expecting the most from them. It demonstrates what's involved in terms of recognizing often-unconscious biases, confronting institutional racism where it occurs, surmounting stereotyping, adopting culturally relevant teaching, connecting with parents and the community, and integrating diversity in all activities.

This book is replete with examples of practice and telling insights that will engage teachers in practice or in service. It should have a place in every classroom in colleges of education. Its empowering message applies not just to teachers of Black students, but illuminates teaching in every racially diverse setting.

Additional Information

condition new
ISBN 9781579221461
author Julie Landsman,Chance W. Lewis
Publication Date Jan 5, 2006
Number of Pages 256
Publisher Stylus Publishing
Table of Contents INTRODUCTION: A Call to Action for White Teachers in Diverse Classrooms - Julie Landsman and Chance W. Lewis;

PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS OF OUR WORK: RECOGNIZING POWER AND PRIVILEGE: 1 Being White: Invisible Privileges of a New England Prep School Girl - Julie Landsman;

PART TWO: CULTURALLY RELEVANT PEDAGOGY: HOW DO WE DO IT? 2 Yes, But How Do We Do It? Practicing Culturally Relevant Pedagogy - Gloria-Ladson Billings; 3 The Empty Desk In The Third Row: Experiences Of An African American Male Teacher - Robert W. Simmons Iii; 4 Educating Black Males: Interview With Professor Emeritus Joseph White, Ph.D., Author Of Black Man Emerging - Julie Landsman; 5 The Unintentional Undermining Of Multicultural Education: Educators At The Equity Crossroads - Paul C. Gorski; 6 But Good Intentions Are Not Enough: Theoretical and Philosophical Relevance in Teaching Students of Color - H. Richard Milner;

PART THREE: EXPECTING THE MOST: HOW WHITE TEACHERS CAN ENSURE AFRICAN AMERICAN ACHIEVEMENT: 7 White Women's Work: On The Front Land Of Urban Education - Stephen D. Hancock; 8 Low Expectations Are the Worst Form of Racism - Carolyn L. Holbrook; 9 I Don't Understand Why My African American Students Are Not Achieving: An Exploration Of The Connection Among Personal Power, Teachers' Perceptions And The Academic Engagement Of African American Students - Verna Cornelia Price; 10 AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENT-ATHLETES AND WHITE TEACHERS' CLASSROOM INTERACTIONS: Implications For Teachers, Coaches, Counselors, And Administrators - Bruce B. Douglas, Esrom Dubois Pitre, And Chance W. Lewis; 11 TIPS FOR SCHOOL PRINCIPALS AND TEACHERS: Helping Black Students Achieve - Dorothy F. Garrison-Wade And Chance W. Lewis; 12 BLACK/AFRICAN AMERICAN FAMILIES: Coming Of Age In Predominately White Communities - Val Middleton, Kieran Coleman, And Chance W. Lewis;

PART FOUR: THE TRULY REFLECTIVE TEACHER: 13 CONNECTING TO THE COMMUNITY: Speaking The Truth Without Hesitation - Ann B. Miser; 14 Practicing What We Teach: Experiences With Reflective Practice And Critical Engagement - Miles Anthony Irving; 15 CONVERSATION - A NECESSARY STEP IN UNDERSTANDING DIVERSITY: A New Teacher Plans For Competency - Jane Nicolet;

PART FIVE: CREATING ACTIVIST CLASSROOM COMMUNITIES: 16 When Truth And Joy Are At Stake: Challenging The Status Quo In The High School English Class - Julie Landsmen; 17 Incorporation Of Multiculturalism Into Art Education - Susan Leverett Dodd And Miles Anthony Irving; 18 Preparing Teachers To Develop Inclusive Communities - Sharon R. Ishii-Jordan; 19 How Can Service-Learning Increase The Academic Achievement Of Urban African American Students? - Verna Cornelia Price; 20 Culturally Responsive School-Community Partnerships: Strategy For Success - Bridgie A. Ford; About the Editors; About the Authors.

Contributors: Ann Miser, Academic Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Hawaii; Miles Anthony Irving, Professor, Educational Psychology and Special Education, Georgia State University; Jane Nicolet, School of Education faculty, Colorado State University; Bridgie A. Ford, Dept of Curricular and Instructional Studies, University of Akron, Akron Ohio; Sharon Ishii Jordan, Professor, Creighton University; Verna Cornelia Price, University of Minnesota, Consultant, Service Learning; Julie Landsman, Consultant, teacher, Minneapolis Schools; Gloria Ladson Billings, Kellner Family Chair in Urban Education; President-Elect, AERA, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Paul Gorski, Assistant Professor, Hamline University; Joseph L. White, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Psychiatry, University of California, Irvine; Robert Simmons, Teacher, Riverside Elementary School, Rochester, MN; Verna Cornelia Price, President / Principal Consultant, J. Cameron & Associates; Bruce B. Douglas, Esrom Pitre and Chance Lewis, Colorado State University; Dorothy Garrison-Wade, University of Colorado at Denver; Stephen Hancock, Professor, University of North Carolina, Charlotte; Carolyn Holbrook, Parent, Writer, Professor, Hamline University St. Paul, MN
Cover Type Paperback
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